Taunus Turm, Frankfurt, Germany

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TaunusTurm, a skyscraper which will stand 170 m tall, was under construction in 2013. In order to complete construction within 14 months, whilst ensuring safe construction and a high build quality, the company is using precast concrete elements produced and assembled using innovative products from Peikko Group.

The cornerstone was laid on 18 January 2012. The global Ed. Züblin AG Group is responsible for execution planning of the TaunusTurm project as well as coordination and turnkey construction of the building. The company is active in all areas of construction and brings with it decades of experience. Its employees are open to innovative solutions, a fact which has been demonstrated by the TaunusTurm project.

A major challenge in the project was the limited space available on the building site. Firstly, the building is located in the middle of the densely populated city-center. Secondly, the available surface area and thus the storage capacity in the upper floors of a tall building is generally very limited. In order not to make the work more difficult with space consuming formwork, a better solution was sought to solve the problem. Ed. Züblin AG Group wanted to use prefabricated elements as much as possible to build the project. Therefore, their aim was to make the production and the installation of the prefabricated elements as easy as possible and complete the building work as fast as possible.

Innovative products in action

The requirements were met very well by Peikko’s innovative PCs® Corbels. The PCs® Corbels have been in use in many European countries, but they do not yet have a German product approval. A process for attaining a German product approval is underway. However, Züblin's team were so impressed with the product that they decided to obtain a project specific approval and planned to use a total of 1 200 of PCs® Corbels in the TaunusTurm project. PCs® Corbels connect load-bearing concrete components and ceiling girders. Even though PCs® Corbels are compact and allow low construction height, the project representatives appreciated more a completely different aspect: PCs® Corbels enabled building and concreting of center lift shafts with climbing formwork by slipforming method, saving time and money and satisfying high quality requirements. "When building the TaunusTurm, we only considered construction using Peikko’s PCs® Corbels. There’s no equivalent system available in Germany, which would allow us to construct the TaunusTurm as quickly and economically as when using the PCs® Corbels," said a member of the Züblin planning team.

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Informazioni sul progetto

Dimensioni del progetto:
85.750 m2
Tischman Speyer, Commerz Real AG
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Ed. Züblin AG Direktion Stuttgart
Ed. Züblin AG Zentrale Technik
Gruber + Kleine-Kraneburg
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