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Hybrid Timber Slabs for the extension of a Sports Facility

The existing gym of the VfL Sindelfingen became too small to accommodate the growing number of members. The extension is connected to the existing building at the same level as the floor. Nusser Systembau chose the combination of Deltabeam and composite timber slabs for the load-bearing structure.

This enables very slim but long-span slabs. The ceiling is combined with an air-conditioning system that ensures draught-free heating and ventilation of the spaces. Since the exhaust air is routed through a thermal exchanger, the building's operating expenses were reduced.

A high-voltage power line that passes over the building at a low height posed a challenge for the construction company, as it meant that only a very low lifting height was available for the crane. The topmost beam layer could only be mounted with the help of a specially made lifting beam.

Nusser specializes in timber system construction and has frequently collaborated with Peikko in the past, so the design proceeded very smoothly.

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Informazioni sul progetto

Dimensioni del progetto:
2 000 m2
VfL Sindelfingen
Impresa di costruzioni:
Wilhelm Nusser GmbH Systembau
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Jürgen Aulehla
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Matthias Wölfel

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