Shanghai Dingke Community, Shanghai, China

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On December 15, 2021, the construction projects of affordable rental housing in Shanghai will be started in a centralized way, and the affordable rental housing projects in block H02-01 and J02-02 of The Top Scientists Community in Lingang New Area of Shanghai Free Trade Zone will be started simultaneously as a sub-venue. 

The project is designed by China Architecture Shanghai Design and Research Institute, which is a core part of Lingang International Innovation Synergy Zone and a "world-class major frontier science source in the new era". The insulation wall of this project adopts Pecker truss stainless steel connection technology, and the wall panels are composed of 200mm inner leaf plate, 70mm polyurethane sandwich insulation layer and 60mm outer leaf plate. 

Informazioni sul progetto

Dimensioni del progetto:
90459.3 m2
上海昇澄置业有限公司, Shanghai Shengcheng Real Estate Co. LTD
Impresa di costruzioni:
中建二局第三建筑工程有限公司, Third Construction Engineering Co., LTD
中国建筑上海设计研究院有限公司, China Architecture Shanghai Design & Research Institute Co., LTD
上海三一筑工建设有限公司, Shanghai Sany Construction Construction Co., LTD
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