Le Pivot 4, Quebec City, Canada

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  • Edifici residenziali
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A 4th DELTABEAM® project underway in Quebec for Hectare Construction.

Prefabrication is becoming more and more prevalent in the construction industry lately. In the single-family home business, companies like Maisons Bonneville and Profab are good examples of success in a factory production setting. But what about large-scale projects? Especially when it comes to multi-residential - Is it possible to build large-scale projects using prefab?

The DELTABEAM® system is a great choice when using prefabricated slabs in multi-stor(e)y residential projects.

Hectare Construction is in a good position to explain the system with a 4th project already well underway in Quebec: Le Pivot 4. Thanks to the DELTABEAM® system, Hectare Immobilier is capable of shortening its schedule by several weeks and also succeeds in developing urban spaces while minimizing architectural constraints.

"Speed ​​of construction is the key term” explains Jean-Simon Généreux, Construction Director and co-owner of Hectare Construction inc. “We build 200 rental condo units of the project in the space of 2 years,” says Mr. Généreux. As a matter of fact, the structure is installed very quickly. The system is made up of factory-made steel parts and factory-made concrete parts and the work is done onsite with the help of Peikko’s structural team. The result: a thin 10-inch-thick floor with 11-meter structural spans, 2-hour built-in fire resistance and exceptional acoustic performance.

“The solution also brings several other financial gains,” adds Jean-Simon. "The absence of shoring makes the site instantly accessible to other trades and the thin floor facilitates coordination for engineering as well as for all workers on site." The time savings in shoring alone is about 1 month. The engineering coordination is seamless thanks to the integration of the Deltabeam system on the Tekla software (BIM software).

Prefabrication, even at the level of the building structure, is taking up more and more space in construction and this trend will affect construction sites in Quebec in the years to come.

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Dimensioni del progetto:
9073.7 m2
Dimensioni del progetto:
29769.36 ft2
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Hectare Construction
DG3A Architectes
Stubbe’s Precast Commercial Inc.
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