Intern clinic hospital pavilion - Šternberk, Šternberk, Czech Republic

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  • Assistenza sanitaria
Schermo intero Chiudi

The new pavilion of the internal clinic in Šternberk meets the standards for a passive building.

The architect faced a challenge in designing the new interns' pavilion due to structural limitations in the building's height. As a result, the architect sought a ceiling system with a flat soffit and enough space for the subsequent distribution of air conditioning. The architect found that the combination of DELTABEAM® and hollow panels perfectly met the requirements for the ceiling structure.

The pavilion was constructed on the site of the original hospital headquarters, which has since been relocated to different premises. The location was selected based on the availability of key departments such as ERs and surgery, which are housed in nearby buildings. The connection to neighboring pavilions is facilitated by a connecting bridge that allows for easy and comfortable movement of staff and patients. The building's white facade with a seemingly random grid of windows and the connecting bridge together create an architecturally fascinating whole.

The entire building is highly energy-efficient and meets the criteria for passive buildings, achieving category A according to PENB standards. The design also includes measures for careful water management, including a retention green roof and an underground rainwater tank used for irrigation and toilet flushing.

This construction solution also facilitated the required high construction speed with a minimum of wet processes. The new pavilion boasts four above-ground floors and one underground floor, with 52 beams used with a total length of 400 meters. The beams were placed in the Gerba line on cast-in-situ columns with a span of 7.2 meters. As a result of this construction method, the ceiling thickness was reduced to just 250 millimeters.

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Informazioni sul progetto

Dimensioni del progetto:
4000 m2
Dimensioni del progetto:
4000 ft2
Olomoucký kraj, Jeremenkova 1191/40a, 779 11 Olomouc
Impresa di costruzioni:
OHL ZS a.s.
Ing. František Balcárek
Adam Rujbr Architects s.r.o.
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