Continental Factory, Kaunas, Lithuania

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One of Germany's largest industrial companies, Continental with an investment of 95 million EUR is considered as one of the biggest in the history of Lithuania.

The project was developed in accordance with the requirements of the LEED Sustainable Design System and qualifies for a Gold Level Certificate. The building is designed to provide the best working conditions.

There will also be built a 360 m² sports center for employees that will not only have space for yoga, table tennis, fitness, but also an outdoor terrace with an open-air sports and amphitheater.

DELTABEAM® was selected for the Continental project for its ability to ensure construction processes are faster and safer. When the beams were delivered to the ground floor of the building, other beams were transported to the first floor by the middle of the month, because the first one was installed very quickly.

For the first time in Lithuania, the new Gerber connection was used to connect continuous beams. The renewed Gerber connection made the ring rebar assembly easier and concreting smoother. The gap between the hollow-core slab and the DELTABEAM® is bigger in the Gerber area. The ring rebars pass the Gerber connection without collision to the Gerber end plate and the hollow-core slabs.

The project also uses other Peikko solutions: Anchor plates and solutions for concrete floors.

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22,000 m2
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UAB "Conresta"
UAB "Baltic Engineers“
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