Akropole Shopping and Entertainment Center, Riga, Latvia

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Peikko delivers over 176 tons of punching shear reinforcement together with other connection items to Akropole shopping center and office building in Riga.

Akropole project is special for Peikko because of the extraordinary use of PSB Punching Reinforcements in the building foundations in order to increase their resistance.

Akropole will be the most modern shopping centre and office building in the capital of Latvia, providing the widest choice of services and entertainment under one roof - cinema, ice arena and bowling as well as restaurants and cafes that will be able to serve over 2 000 people at one time. Building includes a car park with availability for 2 300 cars.

The shopping centre will be built in the place of the legendary Kuznetsov porcelain factory. Fragments of the facades of the old factory buildings will be restored using authentic bricks.

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Informazioni sul progetto

Dimensioni del progetto:
98000 m2
Dimensioni del progetto:
1054860 ft2
SIA M257
Impresa di costruzioni:
SIA Merks, UAB Mitnija
Sarma & Norde Arhitekti
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