Agora, Oud Gastel, Netherlands

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Peikko Benelux delivered HPKM® Colum Shoes and HPM® Anchor Bolts for the construction of the new distribution centre of Agora 21B. The hundreds of concrete columns were divided into four phases and erected very quickly thanks to Peikko's innovative bolted columns connections. A significant amount of hours of manpower and crane hours have been saved as a result of this choice. Please have a look at the timelapse video on this page.

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Dimensioni del progetto:
48.900 m2
Heylen Group
Impresa di costruzioni:
Willy Naessens Nederland
Willy Naessens Nederland
Willy Naessens Industriebouw
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Joris van Hezewijk

Joris van Hezewijk

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