Vanderpark Residential Parking, Moscow, Russia

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Residential complex "Vander Park" was designed by Dutch bureau de Architekten Cie is situated on Rublevskoye highway, 5 minutes from "Molodejnaya" metro station.


Several good schools and kindergartens are next to the complex. There are also sport objects.

The height of the building amounts to 20 floors.

Design of the internal yard was developed by famous Dutch studio West 8 that put into practice complicated landscape concepts.

The complex contains underground parkings for more than 1000 cars.

The сustomer used TERAJOINT® , Peikko's Robust Free Movement Joint System enabling reliable construction of 2-level parking.

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Informazioni sul progetto

ПАО «Группа Компаний ПИК»
Impresa di costruzioni:
ООО "БОЭС Констракшн"
de Architekten Cie.
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